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Persona Jon Grata

Days are scrolls; write thereon only what you wish to have remembered about you.

3 September
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Hi! It's hard to summarize a life of 42 years in just a few sentences, but if anyone has any specific questions, I'll be happy to answer them.

1776, acting, agnosticism, albemarle county, all about my mother, all the king's men, all things considered, allen ginsburg, amadeus, amistad, ancient rome, art, ben kingsley, bertolt brecht, big night, billy joel, black 47, blue ridge mountains, bowling for columbine, charlottesville, chinese food, cnn, dating, dead sea scrolls, debbie friedman, documentaries, fiddler on the roof, film festivals, filmmaking, foreign films, francis ford coppola, francisco de goya, gandhi, gilbert and sullivan, global warming, going after cacciato, hamlet, henry david thoreau, history, huckleberry finn, i claudius, in country, independent films, inherit the wind, iraq, israel, italian restaurants, jewish films, jfk, john adams, john keats, john turturro, judaism, kirk douglas, life is beautiful, lisa picard is famous, literature, lost in la mancha, m c escher, mark twain, martin luther king jr, melvin goes to dinner, moby dick, moma, monticello, movies, natalie portman, new york, northern exposure, npr, oliver stone, othello, pablo picasso, parker posey, pasta, paul giamatti, peace, pedro almodovar, philip seymour hoffman, poetry, project greenlight, queens, reform judaism, remains of the day, rollins college, sandia peak, schindler's list, sex, sex and lucia, shakespeare, short films, spain, spanish civil war, spartacus, stanley kubrick, star trek, super size me, the believer, the big kahuna, the chosen, the colbert report, the declaration of independence, the empire strikes back, the godfather, the great dictator, the lusitania, the new york times, the pirates of penzance, the red violin, the titanic, the war prayer, theatre, thomas jefferson, time travel, topsy-turvy, travel, unitarian universalists, upstairs downstairs, valdosta state university, vietnam, vincent van gogh, virginia, virginia film festival, walk on water, washington dc, west side story, wine, winona ryder, writing, yehuda amichai, yitzhak rabin